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Our Story

Vidl Work is a cultural transformation firm that helps organizations function at full capacity by focusing, first and foremost, on human connection. We achieve this by elevating personal energy, connecting teams, and building courageous leaders.


Created for today’s evolving workplaces


Co-founders, Natalie Johnson and Rebecca Johnson (no relation, we get that question a lot!), merged their previous companies and intellectual property in 2018. The creation of Vidl Work is the culmination of fifty years of combined experience. With workplace cultures, employee priorities, and business objectives changing  dramatically since 2020, our proprietary, research-based methodologies are more timely and essential than ever.


Expertise across multiple industries


Vidl Work engages in-person or remotely with large and small businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies. We employ a full team of coaches and facilitators, led by Vidl Work’s founders Rebecca Johnson and Natalie Johnson. Each brings her or his own unique and complementary talents to each project. Every plan is customized, strategically designed to meet the unique challenges and goals of each client.

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