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Vidl Work delivers powerful business results for a wide range of clients through customized hands-on, heart-led human experiences. As a cultural transformation firm, we provide the proprietary tools and skills needed to transform your
culture and remove barriers so the organization can achieve its highest objectives.


Broader in scope than other training and consulting offerings, Vidl Work’s unique process will help you function at full capacity by delivering all three components of a thriving workplace: energized people, connected teams, and courageous leadership.


That’s vital. That’s Vidl.

Individual Energy

The physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy essential for a balanced work and home life.

Team Connection

The human, personal connections that build team communication, trust, and productivity.

Courageous Leadership

The power to step into vulnerability while allowing and encouraging others to flourish.


Function at Full Capacity

We believe transformational change is never a linear process. It’s a flow, encompassing a variety of vital touchpoints that may feel distinct at some moments and overlap at others.  We’ve seen again and again that the only way to achieve lasting results is organically, from within.


What does “full capacity” mean?


To operate at “full capacity” means our clients are harnessing abundant energy, connectedness, and courage at every level of the organization.  The work becomes joy-full. Skill-full. Heart-full. Respect-full.


When individuals, teams, and leadership feel aligned, capacity to thrive, inspire, and soar becomes virtually unlimited.

Graphic wheel that details the role of energy, connection and courage as they pertain to functioning at full capacity
Our Clients



Introducing: Energy, Connection & Courage at Work


Energy, Connection & Courage at Work is a monthly series in partnership with the Show Up as a Leader podcast.


We’ve created this series to share how energy, connection and courage can resolve many of the problems leaders and organizations face, including misalignment, burnout, friction, ineffective communication, drama, toxicity, and high turnover. Episodes provide practical, applicable solutions leaders and teams can practice immediately. 


Energy, Connection & Courage at Work releases on the first Wednesday of every month! Join us for this journey!

Dark purple podcast microphone over a lavender circle


The next step is Vidl.

During our initial strategy call, we’ll ask about your organization’s strengths, pain points, and challenges. We’ll also begin to lay out a customized plan for how we can help you achieve and even exceed your goals and objectives.

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