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Your company’s ability to thrive depends on many details: how well you serve customers and clients. How nimbly you innovate. How well you attract and retain the best talent.


So what drives all of the above? Largely, your culture.

Understanding this like few others in our space, Vidl Work offers a full array of services, customized to your organization and your objectives.  We help you to create and maintain an empowering, enriching culture where employees rise to their fullest potential. Importantly, we address all three of the elements needed to bring about meaningful, lasting change: Individual Energy, Team Connections, and Courageous Leadership through the following services:

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Our wide range of fresh, innovative, and customized trainings support personal wellbeing, improve team performance, and develop true leaders. From micro-sessions to multi-day workshops, our trainings can be delivered onsite or virtually.


True to our approach, we offer trainings focused on three major areas of organizational wellbeing: Individual Energy, Team Connections, & Courageous Leadership


Our heart-led, hands-on training sessions are:


  • Customizable

  • Packed full of new ideas and energizing activities

  • Renowned for being friendly, positive, and engaging

  • Focused on practical and relevant strategies people can use right away

  • Facilitated by highly skilled trainers with decades of experience

  • Delivered in person or remotely


We offer sessions based on your timeline and objectives:


One-Hour to Multi-Day-Day Sessions

A wide variety of mission-critical topics facing organizations right now.


Comprehensive Sessions

Our signature Function at Full Capacity curriculum is customizable and  focused on individuals, teams, and leaders.


Our coaching services for individuals and small teams are designed to help your employees tap into their own best thinking, overcome barriers to success, and start making decisions that align with what’s most important to your organization’s overall objectives.


One-to-one coaching provides a safe and productive environment for employees to enhance their personal wellbeing and develop their professional skills. Coaching can be provided as a standalone solution or as part of a strategic plan that supports sustainability. All Vidl coaches are highly-trained and experienced in working with executives and employees at all levels.



Our consulting services create a powerful framework for your organization to identify  distinctive strengths and challenges. We’ll uncover the root causes of gaps in culture, leadership, team performance, and individual energy. We then help you create and implement a strategic plan to reinforce what’s working and address what isn’t.


Vidl Work’s consulting services give you direct access to the newest science and updated thinking on culture, wellbeing, performance, and leadership. Our consultants will partner with your organization to:  


  • Understand its uniqueness and identify strengths and gaps in terms of employee energy, team dynamics, and leadership 

  • Provide guidance and evidence-based recommendations on individual and systematic initiatives that will best leverage your existing strengths and bridge the gaps 

  • Ensure your resources are wisely invested in initiatives that have the greatest potential for return on investment  

  • Create both short- and long-term strategies for transformation that align with the company’s most important business priorities and complement existing services and initiatives 

Organizational leaders who work with a Vidl Work consultant shorten their learning curve and are better able to ensure their organization receives the greatest value from investment in its people and culture. It’s true ROI.


Vidl Work speakers have extensive experience creating and presenting memorable, thought-
provoking, and motivating keynote presentations for a wide range of audiences. Working in partnership with event organizers, we’ll deliver existing or new custom content in a way that draws people in, teaches and engages, tells meaningful stories, and sparks new and transformational conversations.


Our keynote presentations are highly relevant and current, but also heartfelt and deeply relatable for each audience.  From individual resiliency…to culture change…to courageous leadership…to building team connections and more, our topics run the gamut of today’s most pressing workplace issues.

Keynote Presentations
Government Partnerships


Vidl Work is a certified women-owned consulting, training, and coaching firm with extensive experience working in the government sector. In fact, this is one of Vidl Work’s sweet spots. We understand the unique nature of working in and leading government organizations and have honed our impact in this area through partnerships with agencies including:

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